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There are many reasons that gates become inoperable,
such as gear problems, stuck rollers and sensor problems.
For both residential gate repair and commercial
gate repair we have a team of technicians expertly trained in the
practice of fence repair and gate repair.
If you have a damaged section of your gate that needs replacement,
or if your gate is not working properly, our experts are available for consultation.

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Access Control Systems

We sell Elite Gate Openers and Elite Gate Operators with Telephone Entry,
access Control, Electric Gates Hinges and Elite Gate Opener
and Elite Gate Operator Parts are our specialty.
We manufacture a complete line for use with our hydraulic
single and dual automatic swing gates and works well
with any Aluminum fence gate. We also offer
a complete line of Garage Door openers,
automatic gate openers, swing electric gate openers,
in-ground electric gates, hydraulic gate openers,
Entry Access and slide gate openers for commercial and residential use.

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Narrow Products Down to These Subcategories:

Residential Gate Operators
Commercial Gate Operators

Narrow Products Down to These Subcategories:

Residential Gate Operators
Commercial Gate Operator

Chamberlain Elite Safety or
Exit Loop Vehicle Detector
Chamberlain Elite Safety or
Exit Loop Vehicle Detector

Telephone Entry Systems
Telephone entry systems help manage the flow of traffic in, around,
and through the premises of a specific location. Our systems are ideal for
controlling access to gated communities, commercial buildings,
manufacturing plants, high-end residential homes, and apartment
and condominium buildings.

Access controls manage who can go where and when in gated communities,
commercial buildings, and other similar settings.
LiftMasterÆ systems provide you with options to help your customers
conveniently manage every access point on their property.

Radio Controls and Receivers
Radio controls help manage the flow of vehicles and personnel
through a gated entrance or a door. We offer a wide variety of choices
for numerous situations,
including stand-alone systems, and transmitters and receivers.

Cards and Readers
LiftMasterÆ offers a wide variety of cards and readers
to meet all of your access control needs.
dwellingLIVE Raise the bar on access management;
dwellingLIVEÆ by LiftMasterÆ is the easiest
and most advanced visitor management solution available.
Residents can easily self-manage their guest lists from anywhere at any time.

Perimeter Alert Systems
LiftMaster’s perimeter alert systems alert you when movement is detected
and can be tailored to fit almost any security or perimeter protection situation,
making them great for homes or businesses.

The Gate
Broken gates
Uneven gates
Rusted gates
Broken hinges
Squeaking gates
Gates after an accident
Gates just stopped working

Gate Repair
The Gate System
Gate opener not working
Broken gate opener
Gate is stuck closed
Gate is stuck open
Gate opens on its own
Gate stuck midway
Gate is erratic
Gate goes back and forth
Elite Gate Repairmen

Gate Accessories / Safety
Gate closes on cars
Photocell not working
Infrared beam not reversing gate
Gate wont open with pressure plates
Underground loop sensors faulty
Missing device
Fire department Keyswitch
gate diagnosis

Telephone Entry System
Gate system is not ringing the house
Gate code is not working
Program a new code
Delete old codes
No communications to house
Cannot hear guests at the gate
Guest cannot hear me speak
The light is out…’