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Installing radiant heat tubing in a concrete slab yourself can save a lot of money. Heating contractors charge a hefty fee to instal this tubing and some methods used are much harder and complicated than they need to be. Keep tubing lengths all the same and under 500 feet and run the tubing at 1 square foot of tubing per 1 square foot of concrete floor. Place 2″ of closed cell foam board or 1-1/2 ” of closed cell spray foam under the 6″ grid wire mesh. Tie tubing to wire every 3′ and pour your floor. If board foam is used make sure to place a 6 mill poly vapor barrier over the ground first. Do not pull tubing and wire up into the floor unless the floor is at least 8″ thick. You will need the correct pump to push these longer loops but the extra cost is minimal compared to running multiple short loops that need to be balanced to flow properly. Thanks for watching.