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Call center located in India, Toronto Air Duct Cleaning Service. How to deal with those calls.
Phone scammers have been around for a long time and since the Internet has become a major hub for communication, they have expanded their operations into the virtual world. They are specifically targeting Canadians and Americans. They call you up and claim to be from a certain company, in this video we talk about a specific case where a call center is pretending to be the Toronto Air Duct Cleaning Service.
A lot of people in North America have been receiving phone calls from a fraudulent call center based in India. They call you and pretend that they are calling you from a well-known company such as Google or Microsoft, and then they try to sell you their services. It’s very important to be able to identify these scammers so that you can avoid falling for their trickery. Here’s a real life example of how these scammers go about their business and what you can do to avoid falling for their tricks.