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At http://marvelousbasements.com/ we are often called in to fix Do-It-Yourself St. Charles basement remodeling projects that have gone awry. We commonly see the same mistakes take place on these jobs. Last month we took a look at numbers 1 through 4 of the 16 most common mistakes made by Do-It-Yourself homeowners on St. Charles basement remodeling projects. Now let’s take a look at numbers 5-8.
5. Ignoring safety measures
You may not be fighting on the frontlines but you still need to take the proper safety measures when remodeling your basement. Hardhats, safety goggles and work gloves are must haves at the job site if you want to avoid injury and finish your St. Charles basement remodeling project safely.
6. Forgetting fire blocking and draft stopping measures
These are two critical tasks that will protect your home in the event of a fire and are often forgotten. Forgetting to fire block and draft stop can also cost you by having to tear out drywall should an inspector ask to see proof that you did these tasks.
7. Inadequate supply and return air vents
Many inexperienced Do-It-Yourself St. Charles basement remodelers are unaware of the fact that you need an adequate number of supply and return air vents. Not having the proper number can make for some very uncomfortable and chilly winters in your basement as an inadequate amount of heat will be ran into your basement from your furnace
8. Forgetting to run combustion air venting
This is an important aspect and should not be overlooked. A combustion air vent is important to install in order to supply adequate combustion air or make-up air to fired furnaces and water heaters.
Marvelous Basements is a certified St. Charles basement remodeling contractor. If you have had previous trouble with a Do-It-Yourself project then call us today at 636-614-2660 and let the pros show you what expert St. Charles basement design is all about.